Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Extended Warranty Companies.

You have decided to buy an extended warranty for your Car, Van , Truck or S.U.V... You have been to the Dealer and he wants your "first born" (a lot of money) for his extended warranty protection. The next step is to head to the internet to search out information, and a better deal if possible.

Beyond all the obvious digging one should do to find the "right" company, there are some glaring similarities of several vehicle warranty providers. Primarily it's that 60% off, (of what) they want you to believe their pricing for identical coverage is 60% less than the competition," spare me PLEASE ", lets do the math, but before we do, request a quote from at least four companies (not offering prices 60% less), get an average price of the four and take 60% off. See what I mean, It's your choice, whom you purchase from....

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