Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Picking the RIGHT Warranty Company

How can we decide which extended Warranty Company is going to best serve our needs, no simple answer to this question! Price, coverage, stability those are all of the obvious wants by the average consumer, but lets dig a little deeper. The person on the phone we are going to talk to is a SALESMAN, and how the initial call goes, can tell us quite a bit about the company we are considering doing business with, remember the phone person is trained by that company and is always a good reflection of that companies attitude toward its customers, (That is ,unless your talking to a broker and he/she could care less, because after they sell you a vehicle warranty you are turned over to another company to handle any claims, questions, or complaints...not the best of situations). Let's go back to the phone person. The biggest BEWARE is if they will not have any dialog until you give up, first and last name, city, state, address, zip code, phone numbers, e-mail address, hey, what's going on here they didn't ask what kind of car, truck, or van, I have...Just remember, the first impression is a good indicator! One other little tid-bit here are some phrases that SHOULD make you look elsewhere. "Buy today the price is going up.""If you don't buy today your vehicle may not qualify.""We have a SPECIAL going on ";(If you monitor a site like this you will find the special is perpetual.) Last, but not least, those companies who spend all their efforts knocking others in the industry rather than answering your questions. Good Shopping!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Should I Purchase an Extended Warranty?

There is no universal Yes or No answer to that question you have to evaluate this decision on your own. Let's look at a couple of different situations, first a vehicle that has factory coverage. Most manufactures will cover (complete coverage) a vehicle for 36 months or 36,000 miles. So why buy an extended warranty while my vehicle is covered? If you plan on keeping your car, van, truck past the factory time or mileage coverage, this is the m0st economical time to buy an extended warranty. There is nothing the warrranty companies like better than to know that they won't be shelling out dollars on claims while the factory warranty is in effect, and in most cases this will be reflected in the price quote for your extended warranty. The time to buy in order to get the best deal is when you still have factory coverage with the manufacture, and the best price, will be if you purchase directly from a warranty company eliminating the middle-man.