Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Extend Warranty Available for Hybrids?

Over the past few months Auto Service Warranty has received quite a few calls about extended warranty availability for the new Hybrid vehicles. The good news is we now offer the same complete coverage as we have in the past for a standard combustion engine. About 95% of the inquiries evolve into the Hybrid prospective buyer asking about reliability of the Hybrid and how it works. Let's take this opportunity to give a simple explanation of how Hybrids work.

Hybrid vehicles increase gas mileage by using battery-powered electric motors to augment small, high-efficient gasoline-powered engines. In some situations the electric motors can power the vehicles by themselves. Here is what takes place in a typical driving sequence:

  1. STARTING. When the car is first started, the battery alone can power such accessories as the radio, air conditioning, etc. The engine only turns on if the battery needs charging.
  2. LOW SPEEDS. At low speeds, the electric motor can power the car on its own.
  3. ACCELERATION. During hard acceleration, the gasoline engine and electric motor work together.
  4. CRUSING. At highway cruising speeds, the engine alone powers the car, with help from the electric motor if needed.
  5. BRAKING. When breaking the electric motor is reversed-instead of the motor turning the wheels, the wheels now turn the motor, which acts like a generator to charge the battery.
  6. STOPPED. When idling, the engine and motor are turned off to avoid wasting fuel, while the battery continues to run the accessories.

There you have it. Will the hybrids save you money on fuel? You can be sure it will, well maybe. Typically hybrids cost $2500.to $6000.more than comparable non-hybrid vehicles, the price of fuel will dictate any savings, obviously the longer an individual keeps the vehicle will add savings. The long term auto warranty will help reduce cost for those who keep their vehicles for an extended period.

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