Monday, March 12, 2007

How can I compare extended warranty offers?

Below you will find a warranty comparison chart that will help you to compare "apples to apples" so to speak. Complete one for each company that you are evaluating. Simply answer the questions "Yes" or "No" or fill in the information.
  • Is this a full-service warranty company? Yes____ No____
  • Is the plan comprehensive? Yes____ No____
  • Is the warranty transferable? Yes____ No____
  • Does the contract include wear & tear? Yes____ No____
  • Are parts & labor paid at 100% ? Yes____ No____
  • Can you choose the repair facility? Yes____ No____
  • Does the deductible apply to each visit? Yes____ No____
  • Are claims paid with a corp. credit card? Yes____ No____
  • Are inspections free and/or random? Yes____ No____
  • Zero Interest and Zero Fee Financing? Yes____ No____
  • Name of Company: ______________
  • Effective Date: ___________
  • Miles: _____
  • Are the miles "add-on" or "total"? __________
  • Months: _____
  • Deductible: ______
  • Price with Deductible: _______
  • Price with Zero Deductible: _______

    You'll know you have found a good company and a great deal when the first 10 questions are answered "Yes". Then, choose the best fit for you regarding months, mileage and deductible at the lowest price.