Monday, April 09, 2007

Four Simple Ways to Avoid Rejected Warranty Claims

  1. First and foremost, always get approval from the warranty company before repairs are done! You'd be surprised how many people are denied re-imbursement for a normally covered claim because they failed to get prior authorization.

  2. Most warranties, if not all, require the owner to follow the manufacturer's maintenance guide for your car or you'll be denied a claim. For example, If your engine dies and it's been over a year since you changed the oil, there is a very good chance that your warranty will not cover the repairs.

  3. If your car overheats, please pull over. Damage caused by continued operation after a failure is not covered. Even a rookie inspector can tell when you kept driving with an overheated engine. Towing it to a repair shop is much cheaper than a rejected $2,000 engine repair and your warranty probably includes a roadside assistance program.

  4. If your vehicle has a "salvaged title", by all means let the warranty company know. Otherwise, you may make a costly investment only to find out that a salvaged title voids the extended warranty. Check any used car's VIN# prior to buying to get the accurate status of the vehicle.