Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Know Your Rights as a Potential Extended Warranty Customer. Shop Smart!

The best extended auto warranty company is one with satisfied customers. Clients are perfectly willing to pay for value. However, beware of their wrath when they sense unfair play.

Potential extended warranty customers have the right to know all of the details and parameters of a contract prior to purchasing.
  1. Rule number one: No surprises!
  2. The Customer Service Representative should not spend all their time telling the customer what they want to hear. Clearly explaining the rules regarding wait periods, maximum payouts and behaviors that might void their contract is also imperative.
  3. A sample copy of the contract should be available to potential customers as well as a patient representative to explain and answer any questions.

The easiest way that I know of to predict a company's future behavior is to take a good look at their past. Many extended auto warranty companies list links to sites that monitor their on-line performance, like "Web Assured" or "Safe Shopping Network". Take the time to view these sites, and Compare!

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