Monday, July 14, 2008

Snowball Effect of the Financial Meltdown

Some of the worst months in the automobile industry since World War II. Two factors have dramatically impacted your buying power. First... regardless of the huge federal bailout, banks are hoarding their cash and financing is tougher than ever. It is not uncommon for many dealerships to ask for thousands of dollars down - on top of the customer's trade.

Second... car dealerships are saddled with large inventories due to the economic slowdown; so they are being especially stingy with trade-in dollars. This situation leaves many owners with only one option... keep that car or truck as long as possible.

The downside of an older vehicle is... of course... the cost of repairs. That's where an extended warranty becomes a life saver. For approximately $350 per year (the cost of an average warranty) you can keep "Betsy" running for three or four more years and sleep like a baby knowing that you are covered. Lastly... Auto Service Warranty provides in-house financing as a courtesy and everybody qualifies. Zero % interest... zero fees. How's that for service?

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