Monday, November 10, 2008

Buying an Extended Warranty from Dealership?

BUT will the car dealership be there when you need them? In 2009... for the first time in American history, consumers have to be concerned about the survival of their car dealer. Most professional analysts project that at least several THOUSAND dealers will be out of business in the coming year... and no one is sure which ones... will survive these economic times.

Many individuals choose to purchase an extended warranty from the dealership... just for the convenience of returning to that dealership for repairs. Have you considered what would happen if you find the doors closed when you return? Bankruptcy is all to common these days. Will the car dealer where you bought your warranty be one of the thousands closing?

Even if you purchased your extended warranty from the dealership, the warranty itself may be from a third party. Feeling safer? Not yet, that third party may be an outstanding, reliable company. However, there is a great probability that the dealer has a considerable period of time BEFORE he has to pass your dollars along to the actual warranty company. In these tough economic times, would you be shocked to find that the dealership used that time and your cash to help solve their own cash-flow problems? Stranger things have happened. Imagine... forty warranties... at an average cost of $2,500 each... in just one month that adds up to $100,000 in Cash. A tempting number to hang onto if it means keeping the doors open.

Be sure your extended warranty provides you with peace of mind you expect from it. For additional security Auto Service Warranty Inc. allows car repairs to be done at ANY dealership or certified repair facility.

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