Monday, July 13, 2009

Odometer Fraud

It is estimated that odometer fraud rips off 450,000 car buyers every year. Also, some are finding that the newer digital odometers are easier to rollback with than traditional odometers.

Protect yourself by making a comparison between the mileage listed on the title and the car's odometer. Next, compare the mileage on the car's maintenance records with the odometer on the vehicle. Look for stickers with maintenance records on doorframes and windows. Ask for a Carfax History Report on the vehicle to see odometer discrepancies.

Detecting Odometer Fraud: These tips can save you from buying a car that has had the odometer tampered with. However, you may never know the true history of a used car. That is why an extended warranty is reassuring to have, and avoid paying, out of your own pocket, the high cost of auto repairs.

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