Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Driving Tips

Perhaps a simple winter driving tip, but one that could save your life. Remember, Keep your gas tank filled up in winter weather. If you get stranded, your engine could be your only source of heat. You can run the engine indefinitely at idle to stay warm - or as long as you have gas. Normally no harm will be done to the engine.

By the way, if you’re driving an older car or truck, crack open the window a bit while idling the engine. Older vehicles are more likely to suffer from exhaust leaks and sitting for a long time while carbon monoxide is leaking into the passenger compartment could cost you your life. Lastly, if stuck in the midst of a colossal snowstorm, be sure to get out from time to time and remove snow from behind the tailpipe to keep it open.

Winter Driving Tip - Keep Your Gas Tank Filled