Monday, February 08, 2010

Air Cars? Compressed Air Cars?

What's up with the buzz about compressed air cars? Well, Zero Pollution Motors has an air car scheduled for production in the U.S. Just stop by your local compressed air station for a fill-up or plug into a home electrical outlet for four hours. With the rush on to find environmentally friendly fuel sources, air appears to rank high on the efficiency vs. clean fuel alternative options.

Makes me think I am going to blast out of the driveway in the morning :-) How does a compressed air car work you ask? An electric pump compresses air into a reservoir at high pressures and stores energy. As the air escapes, it pushes against the pistons, similar to a combustion engine. Compressed air is stored in large cylinders underneath the car and the only emission is cold air. This makes the car especially attractive to emissions activists, concerned about the air we breathe. Compressed air cars, go figure. I wonder if they will write an extended auto warranty for an air car? Cars that run on air, Sign me up!

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