Monday, June 14, 2010

Auto Repairs Costs

Higher auto repair estimates becoming a reality. Auto Repairs, Costs Going UP? It's safe to say that every passing year, is bringing significant increases in average auto repair costs. Many reports show that everything around us is going up, in the grocery stores, labor costs, clothing and how do you feel about the price of gas? Aargh! One way to protect yourself from the high cost of auto repairs is to lock in an extended car warranty now, and avoid the escalating future price increases of typical auto repair costs.

Risks of Delaying:
  1. As your mileage increases, your vehicle moves into a more expensive rate class.
  2. As your vehicle ages and more repair data becomes available, many vehicles are placed into a more expensive rate classes.
  3. Coverage costs rise in tandem with the costs of parts and labor. Labor rates have risen by $15-$20 per hour in the past several years. This trend is expected to continue due to the increased complexity of cars and a shortage of skilled technicians.