Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bigger Cars Safer?

Are bigger cars safer in United States? Americans are famous for big cars. Americans were famous for their big cars. Can’t we have both? It turns out that soon we just might. But, we’ll need to change our mindset about one common belief that is no longer true. Most people assume that a larger, heavier car is safer. That’s the myth and it’s not really true today.

Manufacturing Materials Are Changing

Example: Smart ForTwo Crash Test. Another example that demonstrates the safety of these new materials, is the diminutive “Smart ForTwo”, which has performed amazingly well in crash tests, is using plastic door panels. The doors won’t ding or scratch, and are reinforced internally with steel bars. This gives the best protection in the instance of a side impact, yet it is more lightweight than a conventional door. The Smart ForTwo actually received 4 stars, the highest rating, in side crash tests.
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